If you are looking to be a permanent resident of the US,  the major step to make this happen is to go through the American green card registration. The green card allows you to enjoy many benefits in the US. It gives you access to study, live, and work in America. You also get to enjoy several benefits including medical benefit, social benefits, welfare benefits, and others.

You can process your application for the green card anytime,  whether you are outside the US or in the US with a different type of Visa. There are several categories through which you can undergo the American green card registration. These categories require a strict eligibility requirement that individuals looking to apply for the American green must meet.

Categories for American green card application and requirement eligibility for each category

  • Green card through marriage –If you are married to a citizen of America or a green card holder, you are eligible to apply for green card through marriage. You are required to file Form I-130 along with supporting documents such as your marriage certificate. The importance of this is to prove that your marriage is valid. In this case, your spouse who is a citizen of the US stands as your sponsor.
  • Green Card through a family member- An immediate family member who is a citizen of the US or a green card holder can stand as your sponsor. The closer your relationship with this family member, the more rights you enjoy under the US immigration law.
  • Employment-based green card application – When you have a job offer in the US, you can push for your American green card registration. Your employer files an application for Permanent Employment Certification with the US Department of Labor.
  • Through the Diversity Visa –The US Department of States conduct a green card lottery annually to grant individuals from countries with a lower rate of immigration into the US the opportunity to live and work in the US. People are selected randomly from 6 geographical regions with a lower rate of immigration to enjoy this benefit.
  • Other categories of immigration into the US include asylum and special immigration.

How to apply for an American green card

The American green card registration is conducted online and submitted to the USCIS- United States Immigration Services website. Applicants are to know the category to apply under, which is either of the categories mentioned above. Register for American green cards with all necessary and supporting documents for your category. Pay any fee involved on the website, not to anyone. Then wait to hear from the USCIS through a Notice of Action.

It is important to know that applicants can go through the American green card registration process on their own, but it is advisable that you seek the help of a professional green card company. We are delighted to let you know that we can help you with every step and process of your registration to achieve an approval.