American Permanent Resident

A green card, or a permanent resident card, permit a non-native born person to live and work permanently in the U.S. If you are seeking a green card, you must go through several steps to obtain one. If you had a green card but let it expire, you will need to go through the American permanent resident process to live and work in the U.S.

How to Get Permanent Residency in America

Becoming an American permanent resident requires meeting eligibility requirements. This doesn’t require taking a test but fitting the correct category. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has categories such as family member sponsorship and employment sponsorship. These are the most popular. Eligibility 1. categories also include:

  1. Special immigrant
  2. Human trafficking and crime victims
  3. Refugee or Asylee
  4. Registry

In addition to determining the correct eligibility, you must complete two forms, the I-485 (Green Card application) and the Immigrant Petition. It is up to the person or company to file the forms on your behalf.

Preparing for the Green Card Process

After your sponsor has submitted the petitions, you wait for the approval. If your application is granted, your next action depends on if there are any visa available in your eligibility category. If visas are available, file a visa application with the U.S. Department of State or USCIS. In addition, you must complete the following:

Biometric appointment. This is where you give the government your photographs and fingerprints. You also provide a signature.

Go to an interview. This is part of the process to determine if the application will be granted.

Receive a determination. This could be an approval granted or denied.

Renewing a Current Green Card

If you already have one, you may know that you must reapply for the permanent resident renewal six months prior to the expiration date. You must apply for your new green card by filing Form I-90. The application to Replace Permanent Resident Card is the name of his can be done online or paper form.

Reapplying for a Green Card

The USCIS assumes that you will remain in the country permanently after you receive your green card. If you remain outside the country for more than 12 months without government approval, then you may lose your permanent residence status. If you have lost your legal status because of our green card residency requirements, you can obtain them in one of two ways.

You can obtain a new green card based on submitting an immigrant petition or returning resident status. Your sponsor must file the petition on your behalf. The second way to obtain your green card status is to apply for returning resident status. The application for status requires you to provide the evidence that you have ties to the U.S. This means that you had no control over remaining out of the country for a long time.

Getting and Keeping a United States Permanent Resident Card

Obtaining a green card requires a series of steps such as determining eligibility requirements. Remaining in the U.S. requires filing petitions. Immigration is complicated and Getting a Green Card show is completed with the help of legal advice.

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