The diversity immigrant visa program is an annual program conducted by the United States Department of States. This annual program is made available for people who want to gain entry into the United States. The annual DV program came into place under Section 203 (c) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).

Diversity immigrant visa program is made to target individuals from countries with a lower rate of immigration to the US. The Diversity Visas are distributed among six geographical regions with a large percent directed to regions with lower rates of immigration. The Department of States sends over 50,000 immigrants to the US every year. Since only about 50,000  visas are made available through the Diversity immigration visa program, applicants are selected randomly. Yet, being luckily selected amongst many other applicants doesn’t guarantee your immigration into the United States, it is rather an opportunity to put forward your application.

Eligibility For Diversity Immigrant Visa Program

To be eligible for a diversity visa, a candidate must meet some strict eligibility requirements.

  • It requires a candidate to be a citizen of an eligible country. Eligible countries are grouped as six geographical regions which include Europe, Africa, North America (excluding Mexico), Asia, Oceania, and South America. The allocation formula is adjusted every year to give access to people from countries with really low chances.
  • Also, the candidate must have at least a high school education certificate or at least two years of qualifying work experience as at the time of application. Candidates must also meet general immigration requirements such as no criminal record, good health, and means of support.
  • It is important to note that application for diversity visa can only be submitted electronically within a time frame every year. Eligible applicants are expected to process a single application at a time. Multiple entries may lead to disqualification from the program.

The paperwork and necessary documentation for diversity visa are usually done within a short period of time. The candidate is required to go through extensive and strict screening before they can be issued a diversity visa. Multiple identities are verified (this could lead to outright disqualification),  criminal and security background checks are conducted, cross-checks with various watch-lists and interviews are conducted.

The odds of getting a successful application is very slim, which is why you need the help of the United States Green Card Organization to guide you through the entire process. There are lots of people submitting applications every year; it is important that you pay great attention to your form filling and arrangements in order to have a successful application. Any mistake with filing may make a candidate to be disqualified for a year from participating in the lottery program.

United States Green Card Organization is right here to help you with your registration and application process. We can guide, direct, and prepare you for a successful application and interview. We help you with the hardest part of this program, which is the application, registration procedure and interview. You can trust us for a successful diversity visa application.