Maybe you have always dreamed of living in the US, or you got a job offer that requires a permanent stay in the US, but you do not know how to go about it. Not to worry! There are different ways you can use to achieve your dream of living there. One of the thesis the Diversity Visa Lottery, which is commonly known as the Green Card Lottery.

Established and supported by The Immigration Act of 1990, the Diversity Visa Lottery is a United States government program that gives persons who want to immigrate to the US a permanent resident card. Thousands of people benefit from this activity every year, as statistics show that more than 50,000 immigrant visas are given out every year. In 2017, it was reported that over 20 million people applied for the lottery.

What is the purpose of it, you may ask? The main purpose of the Diversity Visa Lottery is to get a wider culture of the immigrant population in the United States, as the government is aware that it is a first-world country and offers great opportunities for work and self-development. It chooses applicants from countries that have a very low number of immigrants for the last five years.

To be able to apply for the diversity visa lottery, the applicant must first be from an eligible country. Persons who are not from ineligible countries like Mexico, Bangladesh, Brazil, Nigeria, Dominican Republic, Canada, El Salvador, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, South Korea, United Kingdom, India, Jamaica, Haiti, etc. are not allowed to apply for the program. If that is not the case and you are selected, ensure you provide all the immigration requirements and you are able to prove a stable, reliable means of support, has no record of criminal activities and must be in good health. If the applicant is not born in an eligible country, he/she can still apply by claiming the country of his/her spouse, or the parent’s country of birth.

Discard any other non-governmental website that claims to be in charge of the diversity visa lottery. The only legitimate way is by applying to the Department of State Web site and filling the online form. Any printed form registration is a scam and there are no fees attached. Usually you are to fill in your name full name, date of birth, gender, city and country of birth, country of eligibility, entry photograph, country currently living in, email address, phone number, highest level of education, marital status, number of kids, etc. after successful registration, you can then check your status online.

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