Getting a green card is an easy process if you follow an expert guide, getting a green card might also be a tough and long process if you are not guided properly, here is a guide on the procedure to acquire a green card.

Before we go into the steps of getting a green card, you have to know if you are eligible, the different categories of application have their different eligibility, so you have to check for the eligibility under the category you are applying under.


Check for eligibility

  • Through family
  • Through employment
  • Through refugee
  • Through special immigrants
  • Through registry
  • Through victim of abuse
  • Through human trafficking

Every one of these categories has their different eligibility, know the category you are applying under and know their eligibility before you can proceed to the steps.

Complete the forms

When you are sure that you are eligible under any category, you will proceed to complete two forms, the Green card application (form I-485) and an immigrant petition. The immigrant’s petition is filed by someone else but might still be able to file for yourself if you are eligible.


Adjustment of a status application process

This has to do with the application for green card from within the United States, if you reside in the United States at the time of your application, this is the process you follow after completing the forms.

  • Check visa availability, that is if applicable.
  • File form I-485
  • Get your biometrics done at the request by an invitation from your application support center.
  • Get your interview done at the invitation of your application support center
  • If your application support center asks for more evidence in documents make provision for them.
  • Check your application case status
  • Get a response from your application support center if you are accepted or not.

If you are accepted, you get your green card.


Consular application process

This is for those outside the United States. These applicants may apply at a United States Department of State consulate overseas to get an immigration visa so as to move over to the United States and become a permanent resident. This is the part to be followed.

  • Determine the basis for your immigration
  • Filing of the immigrant’s petition form.
  • Hold on for a decision on your petition.
  • Get notified by the national visa center
  • After notification, go for your appointment.
  • Ask for changes if there is anything that needs to be changed
  • Get your Visa after it is granted.
  • Get your Green card.

These are the basic procedures in getting a green card but you will still need more guidance.

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