In order to get a United States green card, there are three categories a person needs to fall under. One of these categories is the family based category, and through marriage, you can get a green card through the family based category. In order words, getting a green card and marriage can go hand in hand. To get a green card through marriage, you need to be married either to a permanent U.S resident or a citizen. Green Card Organization can help you carry out the process of getting a green card through married.

Based on the number of fake marriages being conducted for the purpose of getting a green card, marriages must get approval from the USCIS before the green card can be granted. When working with green card and marriage, the process often involves:

  1. File a petition for Alien Relative

This petition form confirms the relationship between both spouses which are the alien (the person looking for immigration) and the United States, resident. With the aid of Greencardorganization, you and your spouse can compile and submit biographic information and also provide proof of your marriage. The document required includes wedding announcements, marriage certificates, joint account statements and so on.

  1. Adjustment of status

Green card and marriage processing for United States citizens can be relatively fast. In order to file for an adjustment of status, the US citizen spouse must submit medical reports, photographs, advance parole and affidavit of support. With the aid of Greencardorganization, these documents will be properly submitted. If the documents are original and complete, the spouse of the US citizen will be given their permanent residence status.

  1. Affidavit of support

An affidavit of support is an affidavit which shows that the United States resident is capable of supporting the immigrant spouse financially. With the green card and marriage process, this affidavit is important to show that the resident spouse is willing and able to care for the immigrant spouse if he/she is given the green card. With the aid of Greencardorganization, all the documents needed for this green card will be properly gathered and submitted.

When opting for a green card and marriage is the green card category you fall into, the paperwork can be overwhelming. Without professional help, it might seem impossible to keep up. Greencardorganization is readily available to assist you through the entire process.

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