Green Card Organization

How Green Card Organization can help you secure a green card regardless of the route you take

To get a green card today, there are so many routes in which one can take. With this in mind, Green Card Organization provides you with some of the main routes are available today;

Family: it is very possible to get a green card through the family route. Usually, people who would require through these routes would include children who are under the age of 21 and are unmarried, brothers, sisters, and others depending on the circumstances

Marriage: it is also possible to get a green card through your spouse that is a citizen of the US. However, you would need to provide some documentation to prove that your marriage is not fraudulent. You would also have to be interviewed in an embassy or a USCIS center. Green Card Organization would always be happy to assist you if you have any questions regarding the interview process.

Employment: another way to clinch the green card is through employment. Getting a job in the United States would ensure that you get a green card after the appropriate filing has been done. Green Card Organization is always on hand to help you with all your filing process.

Other routes would include the green card lottery and the humanitarian green card. There are various services which Green Card Organization offers to clients regarding the category they belong to. Here are some of the services that are offered;

Consultancy services

green card organizationWe off our services as consultants as to any matter relating to green cards. This is our job and nothing would give us here at Green Card Organization more pleasure than making sure that our clients are well settled down and have gotten their green card. With this in our minds and hearts, we make sure that our consultancy services are always of the highest quality.

Filing and registration

Frustrated as to the many documents which would need to be arranged and submitted? If you are, then worry no more! Green Card Organization is always happy to assist in any filing issues that you might have. We are equipped to file your application for you regardless of the form that would need to be filled up. Therefore, if you are looking for help in the filing stage, do not hesitate to use our services

Interested in our services? Do not hesitate to reach us. We are always ready to help you in any way that we can.