Without a guide, the steps involved in getting a green card can be very confusing. This is because without help from experienced persons the process takes more time and might eventually become overwhelming. For this reason, Greencardorganization has made this guide with steps on how to get a green card. All you need to do is contact us today, and you can get all the help you need in getting your green card. Steps to getting a green card include:

  1. Confirm your eligibility

Greencardorganization recommends that the first step you take in applying for a green card is to ensure you are eligible for the green card. To confirm your eligibility, you need to ascertain if you fall into the right categories. A green card can be granted to you if you have a family member or a company in the U.S to sponsor you, if you are granted asylum status in the U.S, if you are considered a special immigrant, if you are a victim of abuse or through the registry.

  1. Filing an Immigrant Petition

If you are eligible for a green card, the next step is to file an immigrant petition. It is important that your sponsor, either a family member based in the United States or a company, files this immigrant petition for you. In some special instances, you can file the immigrant petition yourself. Greencardorganization offers services for these instances.

  1. Immigrant Petition approval

To get a green card, your immigrant petition must be approved. This approval is necessary for you to carry on with the other process involved in getting a permanent residency.

  1. Determine the application process to initiate

After the immigrant petition has been approved, the next step would be to choose which application process to initiate in order to get the green card. Greencardorganization can help you with this process. If you reside in the United States already, filing for an adjustment of status would be more appropriate. If you do not reside in the United States, you will be filing for a permanent residence by consular processing. After submitting this application, it will be reviewed by the USCIC.

  1. Interview with USCIS

After your application has been reviewed, the USCIS will hold an interview with you which will help them determine whether to issue you the green card or not.

To make the entire green card process easy for you, contact Greencardorganization today.


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