How you can check your green card status is pretty easy. Before checking your green card status, ensure you followed the procedures below.

People applying for green card visa need to pay a fee, although some groups of people are exempted from paying this fee, you can check to see if you belong to any of this group. After this, you can pay your fee yourself, through a friend or an attorney pertaining they possess your alien number and department of state Case ID

You should also be able to retrieve your information which the US embassy or consulate has given you such as:

  • Your Alien Number which possesses the letter A followed by eight or nine numbers.
  • Department of state Case ID which possesses 3 letters followed by 9 or 10 numbers
  • Detailed instructions for paying the Immigrant Fee
  • An unopened immigrant visa packet

You can then proceed to pay by means of your choice.


So How do you check your green card status?

The good thing is, you can check your green card status online. So how do you do it?

  1. You have to find your receipt number. The number has 13 characters and can be found on application notices sent to you by USCIS.
  2. You have to check their status on their website. For consular cases, you can try contacting the consulate where you get interviewed for your green card, and after that, you can call the National Visa Center (NVC). If you call and cannot get an update from these places, then you should try the USCIS website.
  3. When you log into the site, you would see a box asking for your receipt number. When filling in your number, be sure to add the asterisks (*) and skip the dashes. The asterisks are part of your identification.
  4. Check your green card status. After you enter your receipt number, you Would be told of your status. Immigrants receive their green card 120 days from their arrival date into the US if they had paid their immigration visa prior to entering the country. Paying after you enter gives you 6 months waiting period. Fees can be paid on arrival and if you haven’t paid, USCIS would send you a message requesting payment.
  5. You can also sign up on automatic updates on checking your green card status by following the instructions listed on the site.

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