A Guide to the U.S. Green Card Rules and Regulations

This guide will take an in-depth look at the US green card rules and regulations when receiving a green card. There are a few different ways that someone could lose their access to a green card, one of which involves a major violation of a United States law, and the other involving a lack of presence over a long period of time in the United States.


Introduction to US Green Card Rules

A process to Apply for Green Card

The process to apply for green card in the United States can be rather complicated in some cases. The process usually involves someone filing a petition to sponsor your eligibility for a green card. Usually, the USCIS approved the petition and refers to the application holder to schedule an interview. Then a permanent decision is made in regards to the original application. Assuming the requirements to get a green card are met and accepted, it usually remains valid for an entire decade, unless special terms apply.


Information about Green Card Lottery

The Diversity Immigrant Visa is the official name for the green card lottery system. The lottery is managed by the Department of State and is processed in ordinance with the Immigration Act of 1990. Approximately fifty-thousand visas are approved in each full year, although several million applications are received. The program receives mixed feedback but has been in effect since the “green card government” (Department of State) established the program.


Extra Information about US Green Card Rules

There are several basic rules that should be followed in order to guarantee the safety of green card privileges.

  • Don’t leave the United States for lengthy periods of time(Weeks, Months, Years
  • Don’t violate any State Laws
  • Don’t violate any Federal Laws
  • Don’t become a citizen of any other country

By following these simple rules, the chance of losing access to green card privileges is almost completely eliminated. It is always useful to be safe, rather than sorry.


Green Cards – Loss of Access

Green card holders can lose access to the privileges of their card if they choose to become a permanent resident of some other country. In addition, these rules is also violated if the person disappears from the United States for any other possible reason. There are exceptions in some cases that require a U.S. re-entry permit that can restore access and privileges.


Green Cards – Conclusion

A green card establishes a permanent residence in the United States, legally. The eligibility process usually involves receiving a petition based sponsorship to get the process started. Usually, an interview follows and then a final decision is eventually made. By following the process and basic rules, there should be no additional issues in regards to becoming a successful green card recipient.


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