If you’ve ever thought of emigrating to the US, it is important that you understand what a Green Card is. A Green Card is a document with legal backing used as an identification card indicating the status of the bearer as a permanent and legal resident of the US. Basically, a green card is the legal document that bears your name and some personal information to show you as a permanent resident of the US. For you to live, work or study in the US, the Green Card is a legal permit that helps you to achieve this. The Green Card is issued by the USCIS (the United States Citizenship And Immigration Service).

A green card is officially known as a permanent resident card. You can apply for a green card to gain immigration to live and work in the US. The United States Government grants several thousands of immigration to those who meet with strict eligibility requirements to migrate and become a green card holder or permanent resident of the US.

There are several ways in which you may apply for a green card. Gaining a permanent residence in the US requires you to apply under any of the following categories;

  • You can apply for a green card if you have a relative who is a US citizen or permanent resident. Your relative stands as a sponsor for your petition for a green card.
  • Getting a job offer in the US is another category under which you can apply for a green card. A job offer from a US employer can help you to get a Green Card easily.
  • Through investment: You can gain a permanent resident by making a large business investment in the US.
  • Diversity visa lottery: winning a visa lottery is one of the easiest ways to get a Green Card. The US government makes provision for about 50,000 people to migrate into the US yearly. You are only required to meet up with some eligibility requirements and process your application online. You may need strict assistance from a professional green card agency to help you through the application process. The Green Card lottery scheme requires rapt attention because any mistake may lead to disqualification.
  • A permanent residence as a refugee or asylee: this category is known as special immigrants. Special immigrants also have the chance to get a Green Card.

When Do I Get My Actual Green Card?

Upon approval, you won’t be given the Green Card instantly. Immigrants from overseas enter the US with an immigrant visa and are issued a temporary immigration stamp in their passport. Immigrants who adjust their status in the US will be granted a letter of approval. In either case, your actual green card will come directly to your mail after some weeks.

When Does Green Card Expire

Your Green Card expires every 10 years. This doesn’t mean that your permanent residence has actually expired, it simply means that the card that proves your permanent residence has expired. If this happens, you do not need to panic because you can get it renewed. Renewing your green card is important as it must be kept valid every time.

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